The danger of speed


Unfortunately many of our visitors and even some of our residents do not consider the protection of the bush and all the wildlife reliant on it, a TOP PRIORITY. The wildlife is the main reason for Marloth Park. It is a nature reserve. Only after this concept is it also a holiday township. Without the Fauna and Flora Marloth Park becomes yet another holiday resort filled with noisy revelers.







Such incidences as occurred in the early hours of December 28, 2013 should never happen in a conservancy. A sub-adult zebra was killed by a speeding motorbike. This vehicle was obviously travelling very fast to have caused this animal such bad injuries that it bled to death having suffered a broken leg and an enormous gash on its hind quarters. All motorists need to be aware of the fact that headlights dazzle animals and loud noises scare them. Often animals move towards the light instead of away from it. What about all the little creatures that move around in the night? How easy it is to accidentally kill a snake, a tortoise, a dung-beetle, a bird, chameleon or even a warthog darting unexpectedly from the bush during daylight hours. How much more so at night? We should all be driving even slower at night. It is very likely that the rider of this speeding motorbike was badly hurt during this accident as there was debris from the bike scattered over the road and a bike drag mark of 21 meters. But the accident cost the zebra its life! We appeal to all, to drive slowly and carefully in Marloth Park where our beautiful animals roam free – day and night. The speed limits are there to protect you and the animals. So many animals are killed each year by careless and speeding drivers. It is so sad!


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