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The Marlothii Conservancy

The Marlothii Conservancy is registered with the Mpumalanga Parks Board as an Urban Conservancy and was the first in Mpumalanga to do so. It aims to generate interest and active participation by registered land owners, accredited residents and the business community in the conservation of indigenous and endemic fauna and flora and the protection of the environment in the area based on scientific principles of nature conservation and sustainable utilization of the area's natural resources. The Conservancy exists in partnership with the Marloth Park Honorary Rangers and the Marloth Park Property Owners Association. You can see our registration certificate by clicking here and read a brief historical note by clicking here.

JOHN MARTIN (14/10/1938 to 23/01/2015) R.I.P.

John Martin - Chairman r.i.p

14/10/1938 to 23 /01/2015


John and Jan Martin lived in Fourways in Johannesburg prior to moving to Marloth Park.  John was involved in the Fourways nature reserve for three years and enjoyed many pleasurable hours assisting with the management of the Dassie population and the establishment of ostriches within the reserve. 

John and Jan moved to Marloth Park in April 2005, as they were tired of the chaos and ever growing walls  of concrete popping up around them.  John was in his element with the large selection of wild life on his doorstep.   He enjoyed sitting on the patio where he spent many hours documenting this menagerie of animals.  John first attended the Marlothii Conservancy meetings as a resident of Marloth Park.  His passion for conserving wild life would however not allow him to be a passive member and he made himself available to serve on the committee.  He was soon elected to chairmanship and promptly introduced new direction.  This included specialist speakers on various wild life topics.  He was also very enthusiastic about the lectures presented by Keith Knorr and was always supportive of new ideas that could contribute to conserving the environment.  John was an enthusiastic bird watcher and soon started weekly bird walks at Henk van Rooyen Park which proved extremely popular and this eventually resulted in Marloth Park being listed on the Animal Demography Unit of the University of Cape Town.  One of his greatest concerns was the dwindling rhino population  which he monitored very carefully and reported on regularly to the Conservancy and other organisations.  John’s chairmanship steered the Conservancy into its proper role of educator in the conservation of Marloth Park. 

John will be fondly remembered by many for his generosity, passion for life and regaling of wild life tales.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Jan and the family at this difficult and changing time. John may you remain in the memories of all who knew you, it is a sad when we have to bid good bye to a friend and servant of the Marlothii Conservancy, rest in peace – farewell, tot siens, Hamba Kahle old friend.






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2. Apologies

3. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting

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5. Financial Statements

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8. Closure

Minutes of the 2014 AGM

Chairman's Report 2015


The Ralf Kalwa Presentation on Veld Rehabilitation
Saturday 22
nd November 2014.

The Rakf Kalwa presentation was excellent, drawing comparisons to our much larger neighbour, the Kruger NP. Emphasising how much more sensitive our little closed reserve is to even small changes. The Ben Orban Report will still form the basis for management of our micro ecosystem over the next 5, 10, 20 years, which will require an active, adaptive veld management system. The Marloth Park Forum (consisting of Honorary Rangers,Marlothii Conservancy and MPPOA) will be putting together an easier to follow forward plan for all property owners to follow with regards to fixing our veld and its carrying capacity. 


Read more: Ralf Kalwa presentation

Meetings take place at 09:00 on the second Tuesday of each month in the Boardroom of Hank van Rooyen Park. All those interested in conservation are welcome to attend and contribute. THE NEXT MEETING IS THE AGM ON 14TH APRIL 2015.

Amongst the current concerns are the following, many of which we do in partnership with the Honorary Rangers:

  • Animal Husbandry: the degradation of the veldt and the excessive number of impala
  • The Marloth Park Forum (comprising the marlothii Conservancy, the Honorary Rangersand the Property Owners Association) and the plan to achieve a 50/50 Partnership with the Municipality in managing the veldt and the infrastructure
  • The threat of mineral exploration (and ultimately exploitation) in the area surrounding Marloth Park
  • Education of Property Owners regarding proper care of their stands
  • Contrrol of alien vegatation




Minutes:-   06th NOVEMBER 2014


A new era in joint cooperation and public participation commenced yesterday 05th November 2014 in Marloth Park.


A meeting between  Nkomazi Local Municipality[NKLM] , Marloth Park Property Owners Association [MPPOA] together with The Honorary Rangers and Marlothi Conservancy [jointly known as the FORUM] and Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Authority[ MTPA]. The meeting was Chaired by Chief Operations Manager for Nkomazi Mr. Vincent Bhiya and attended by the committee members and executives of the organisations involved including the Municipal Manager for Nkomazi; Mr. Dan Ngwenya.

Read more: Marloth Park Forum Press Release



An overview


Many years ago a gravel pit was established along Olifant Drive to provide decomposed granite for road building. This resultant excavation was left in a neglected and unsightly state. In 2010 Fenja te Horst, a founding member of Marlothii Conservancy initiated a project to rehabilitate this dormant depression in the open veld

Read more: Gruispan Overview

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